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What Marketing is and what it means to be a marketer?

Hello people, the genesis of this first post is the sequence of events which happened 10 years ago while I was working as Asst Sales Officer for a famous fabric brand. We had joined this organization as fresh marketers and were assigned to implement brand and distribution strategies

While we were able to gear up and execute distribution strategies in terms of adding exclusive retail stores, reaching out to more towns,  things on product development were consuming time due to various reasons like capacity requirement; team s capability to launch new products; procurement of raw materials; Go to Market strategies etc..,

We were confronted with issues which we hadn’t heard about in B-schools. A real eyeopener indeed, that was the time when I realized that marketing domain is vast .My exposure to this vastness only kept increasing with years..However I will restrict myself to the 4 basic essentials of marketing function for this post and keep updating on rest as we move on.

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‘Purpose of Business is to create and keep a customer’-Peter Drucker
As a marketeer ,I find this relevant and perennial to keep up my perspectives clear

I help you in : Identifying customer needs and design products & services effectively,Consistently engage with customers by delivering clear & meaningful communication,I also have a knack for gaining consumer insights

Whether its Brand Development,Brand Building,Building a Brand architecture model,STP or a TG assessment model getting to the point and setting a clear brand roadmap is essential.That’s where I come in..,Someone you can rely on.